Photojournalism: Homecoming Week and How to dress for Homecoming

High School Homecoming is so special for High School Students. Why is Homecoming so special for high school students. Homecoming is so special for high school because they know that homecoming week is going to fun and they going to have homecoming spirit week and have they have homecoming football game. During my past 4 year of high school when we have homecoming spirit week at East Bay it was like who are these people when they dress up. Like Monday it’s senior citizen day, Tuesday dress as your favorite celebrity, Wednesday it’s wacky tacky day, Thursday its Throwback Thursday, and Friday it’s Toga Day and after that its the Football Game. But how do people dress up for homecoming? If you want dress up for homecoming it’s not like prom where you wear a tuxedo NO! What to wear for homecoming is dress slack a vest and a tie if you want to switch it up and wear a bow-tie by all means. For girls it just a short dress that’s all. Homecoming is fun you get to dance and have fun. Plus, it’s for all students Freshmen to Seniors can come. So yeah that’s how you homecoming week works and how you dress for homecoming.


One thought on “Photojournalism: Homecoming Week and How to dress for Homecoming”

  1. I like how you told it how it is. Describing high school coming brings back memories of late nights and early mornings. I use to dress up for every event they had that day while also participating in the dance. You depicted how to dress for the occasion very clearly and straight to the point. There’s a voice behind the way you write which I think is very unique.

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