My interview with Nurse Charmayne Sauri

My interview with Nurse Charmayne was awesome. Me and her talked about how when she was a kid she wanted to Astronaut. When she was 20 years old she was a stay a home mom and it motivated her to grow up and it also motivated her to reach her goal and that is to become a nurse. Before, she became a nurse Charmayne lived in Indianapolis Indiana where she graduated from Southport High School in the class of 1995. She missed college due to her pregnancy at the age of 20 years old. She went back to school to get her nursing degree at the University of Indianapolis in 2007 and she worked at St. Vincennes hospital. We also talked about how Michelle Obama and Maxine Walter inspired her on being the woman that she is. She also tell me how blessed she is that her grandmother is turning 100 years old because she’s been here for century and she finally see a black man as the president of the United States of America so she blessed that her grandma will be turning 100 years old


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