How to prepared for your interview

How to prepared for my interviewed. To prepared for an interview I need to dress up in casual clothes, a button up shirt, dress slacks, a tie, a business coat, and dress shoes, and dress shoes. Also to be prepared for a interview is to get your pen, your paper, and your question ready. Also, to be prepared for your interview is to get ready to meet that person don’t get nervous once you meet that person your interviewing be confident, be ready, and be prepared. Also,I need to be prepared to ask them the question and not be stuttering once I ask the question. I also, need to get the butterflies out of my stomach and get ready to interview the person that I’m interviewing. Last, after I’m done interviewing the person i need to shake that person hand and say thank you to the person that you are interviewing.


One thought on “How to prepared for your interview”

  1. I think most of us skipped over the actual preparation of ourselves for these interviews, so it’s good that someone thought about psyching yourself up to interview a stranger and making sure you have everything you need to make it as efficient and successful as possible. Great work!


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