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Hello everyone my name is Jamison Keith Lockridge Jr I attend Hillsborough Community College and I’m entering my final semester here at HCC. I have my own radio show at HCC on HawkRadio called the Night Club and i’m the radio host DJ Jay on the Mic and i talked about wrestling, sports, and what’s going on in our community. I’m a huge WWE fan and I will talk about what’s going on Monday Night Raw, Tuesday Night Smackdown Live, and even NXT. I was born on February 23rd, 1997 in Indianapolis, Indiana i was raised in the ghetto where it was the survival of the fittest because in the hood it’s a live or died. I moved out of the hood and moved to Florida in 2010 when i was 13 years old. I’m a huge fan of old school hip hop I listen to it everyday it’s like my inspiration. I graduated from East Bay High School in 2015 and I enter my Hillsborough Community College the fall of 2015. As I enter my last semester of college and I got to out with a bang I got my own radio show on HawkRadio and I’m a part of SGA in Ybor Campus.

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Pacers Basketball

The Paul George trade was rightfully perceived as one that significantly weakened the Indiana Pacers, who no longer an All-Star and go-to guy on the roster. That doesn’t mean the team has completely flatlined, but in its own way has rejuvenated Pacers Nation in a different way, and it has honestly made the team more fun to watch this season.
Sliding into the lane for a charge, poking out a pass which leads to a transition bucket, playing for the full 48 minutes have all attributed to the excitement and buzz going on in Indiana. The two players they picked up in the Paul George trade have also been refreshing surprises. Victor Oladipo earned Eastern Conference Player of the Week honors with his fine play, and big man Domantas Sabonis played like a potential future All-Star and garnered the praises of Myles Turner.
The Pacers presently sit at .500 and with no expectations, fans are enjoying every minute of the ride. Al Jefferson has bought into Coach McMillan’s philosophy, so there is no surprise when you see him slide into the lane to take the charge where he was previously content with not challenging the shot. You can call the Pacers the new heart and hustle team, but not by name only. The league tracks certain intangibles through advanced analytics and the Pacers sit right atop of the list. The Pacers are among the five best teams to grab loose balls and are among the most effective at clogging the passing lanes and contesting shots with the best in the league. They also sit among the best in deflections and contesting shots per game. Those things take effort, they take a willingness and a commitment to consistently perform each night. Without a superstar player to rely on, the team needs to do other things to win when the gap between talent is the challenge. Due to their lack of height Coach McMillian is still looking for an Identity for this team. I also believe that this young team can win a championship 2 or 3 years from now. Go Pacers!!!!

What’s Going on with Kim and Kanye

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West’s son Saint had a co-birthday party with Kourtney Kardashian’s son Reign – the two boys are two and three respectively – and the parents created a magical winter wonderland with a monster theme.
Of course, it’s worth noting the temperatures in Calabasas, where the family famously lives, have hovered in the 60s for the past several days. But a little thing like the weather isn’t going to stop the Kardashian’s from making it snow. The Kardashian Wests have much to celebrate in the coming holiday season. The parents of two are expecting a new addition to their family – apparently another girl – via surrogate before the end of the year. To Be Honest I don’t watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians I also don’t like the Kardashians people as people I think they are fake gold diggers trying to get money from any celebrating they get. But I want to say congrats to Kim and Kanye on having their third child and the name of that third child as well.

Why did Jodi Arias Did It?

In this blog we are going to talk about Jodi Arias and why she killed her ex- boyfriend Travis Alexander. The final moments of Travis Alexander’s life were nothing short of horrific. He was stabbed multiple times and almost decapitated before being shot and left for dead in his shower. Travis’s flat was covered in blood where his body had been dragged and his killer had washed their bloodied hands. Crime scene photos were shocking, but they were nothing compared to the chilling images found on a digital camera at the scene. Investigators retrieved deleted photos that showed Travis alive in the shower, posing for the camera as water cascaded over him. Then, in a final photo, the water turned red with blood as his killer accidentally took a snapshot of his murder.
Handsome Travis Alexander, 30, was a marketing salesman who lived in Mesa, Arizona. He was a practicing Mormon and a charismatic motivational speaker.
In September 2006, Travis met Jodi Arias, 27, at a conference in Las Vegas. She was a saleswoman living in California and had a passion for photography. In 2008, Travis’s worried work colleagues couldn’t contact him. Friends went to his flat and discovered the bloody scene. Travis was slumped dead in the bottom of his shower with his throat deeply sliced from ear to ear and a gunshot wound to the head. There were over 27 stab wounds on his body.Travis had been shot with a 25-calibre gun – the same type of gun that had been stolen from Jodi’s grandparents in a mysterious burglary a few months earlier. The most disturbing discovery was a damaged digital camera in the washing machine, along with bloodied clothes that had been put through a wash. Police recovered deleted sexual images of Jodi and Travis.

So Why Did Jodi Arias do it? Jodi broke down, saying she was a victim of domestic violence and that night Travis had violently attacked her. “It was self defence,” she sobbed. When police pressed for details, Jodi’s story was inconsistent and when left alone, she giggled and even did a headstand. She was charged with murder. She is doing life in prison without a possibility of Parole.

It’s funny how people still talked about Jodi Arias on the news. I mean the case been over for 4 years and they still talked about Jodi Arias. I’m thinking to myself this Jodi Arias thing is getting old and it needs to stop.

What is Black Music?

Black Music is is a term encompassing music produced or inspired by black people, including Sub-Saharan African music traditions and African popular music as well as the music genres of the African diaspora, including Afro-Caribbean music and African American music. These genres include negro spiritual, gospel, blues, jazz, R&B, rock and roll, soul, funk, ska, reggae, and hip hop. In the black culture, music is important because it has a unifying quality that works in the same way cultural identity does; it crosses all borders. Music unifies people because all backgrounds can both appreciate the same song even if they have nothing else in common. It is a matter of taste and opinions, not intellectual arguments. Another important fact that ties music to black communities is that it has visible roots in Africa. It was a way that the early slaves could express themselves and communicate when they were being forcibly relocated and when there were restrictions on what cultural activities they could pursue. In a time where their world was being turned upside down, music served as an escape and form of communication/expression for early black communities. The ability of music to act as a binding factor provides the black culture with a strong sense of connectivity. The beginnings of black music as a separate genre in the United States started with the advent of slave spirituals and gospel music.
The term can also be used in a derogatory manner to refer to musical genres with strong African-American influence, such as hip hop music. There is a lot of hip hop artist who talked about what’s going on in society. Hip Hop artist like Tupac, Notorious BIG, Outkast, Busta Rhymes, etc.

I love Hip Hop it’s tell stories about what’s going on in society, community, and about the world.

NXT Takeover War Games The Best PPV of all time.


NXT Takeover War Games has been considered on of the best NXT Takeover in recent history. Thirty years after the first WarGames match, created by Dusty Rhodes for the 1987 Great American Bash, NXT renewed the classic format on Saturday with a contemporary twist in the main event. The result was an impactful climax to a memorable NXT TakeOver card at the Toyota Center in Houston, only one night before WWE Survivor Series invades the same building. The five-bout card featured a pair of title changes and a handful of star-making moments for tomorrow’s superstars, including NXT champions Andrade “Cien” Almas and Ember Moon. The show also retained a certain level of energy and steady drama that arguably hasn’t been felt since the NXT’s first heyday of late 2014 and early 2015.  With the NXT roster in a transition period, this night very much felt like a changing of the guard. The Results of NXT Takeover War Game and Grade Are

Lars Sullivan def. Kassius Ohno via pinfall: Talk about a showcase opportunity to make a statement. The incredibly large and physical Sullivan did just that in a physical matchup with good storytelling that set the tone well for the evening. After Sullivan dominated early, including a near fall from a pop-up powerslam, Ohno rallied and floored Sullivan for the first time in his NXT career. But not only did Sullivan kick out of a pin attempt, he shook off a pair of vicious kicks to the head by mouthing the words, “I will end you.” Shortly after, Sullivan intercepted a discus elbow attempt by Ohno to hit his one-handed slam finisher, the Freak Accident, for the 1-2-3. Grade: B-
Aleister Black def. Velveteen Dream via pinfall: Consider this a dual coming out party for two of WWE’s future stars. And somehow, it lived up to its lofty expectations. After one of the more memorable and simplistically brilliant builds in recent NXT history, Black and Dream put forth a showcase of stiff MMA strikes and entertaining psychology. After spending the majority of the match challenging Black to simply say his name, Dream ultimately received his wish in defeat when a seated Black grabbed the microphone and said, “Enjoy infamy, Velveteen Dream.”
At just 22, and fully in command of his dynamic character, Dream was ultimately the biggest winner in this match despite getting pinned as he showed just how far he has come in a short time. Dressed in tights featuring airbrushed images of himself and his opponent, Dream cemented the Rick Rude homage late in the match by swiveling his hips from the top rope. But Black is just as important a future commodity in WWE’s future and he was more than equal to the task in terms of making a strong impression. Black kicked out of an incredible modified DDT from Dream late in the match, producing a deserved “this is awesome” chant from the crowd. Black also outsmarted Dream moments later when he raised a boot from his back to catch his opponent in the face coming off the top rope. The impact sent Dream into the ropes, locking his arms. They traded big strikes as Dream worked free. But with his leg still caught in the ropes, causing him to briefly stumble, Black took advantage by hitting his Black Mass finisher for the pin. Grade: A-

NXT Women’s Championship — Ember Moon def. Nikki Cross, Peyton Royce & Kari Sane via pinfall to win the title: This one had it all— huge spots, raw energy and four superstars giving the impression as if they were literally reaching for the brass ring in front of our eyes. All that in under 10 minutes. The only thing holding this match from being a classic was the length as Moon, not far from her home in Houston, scored a somewhat abrupt finish. Afterwards, Moon received the full rub in NXT’s transition away from the unbeaten Asuka era when the former champion entered the ring and handed Moon the belt before embracing her in babyface fashion. Moon hit the first big spot of the match with a suicide dive that knocked her opponents down like bowling pins. Soon after, she hit Cross with a visibly stiff power bomb to the floor. The insanity only continued from there. Royce hit a perfect Northern Lights Suplex (with bridge) on Cross but the pin was barely broken up by a diving Sane. The winner of the inaugural Mae Young Classic then hit Royce with an Alabama Slamma onto Cross before climbing the ropes to connect with her Insane Elbow finisher on top of both women for two. That opened the door for Moon, who hit an insane double Eclipse finisher onto Royce and Cross before pinning Cross to win the vacant title. Grade: B+

NXT Championship — Andrade “Cien” Almas def. Drew McIntyre (c) via pinfall to win the title: On a night littered with star turns, Almas (and incredible valet Zelina Vega) may have topped the list. “Cien” capped an intense and dramatic NXT title victory by throwing his belt in the air on the ramp and standing atop the announcer’s table to hold it high in the air. Vega played a huge role in the match, even if her hurricanrana attempt from the apron early in the match was intercepted by McIntyre, who tossed her back up onto the ring. The match featured one near fall after another from there, including a two count from Almas after hitting an inverted tornado DDT from the top rope. He would top that move shortly after with a moonsault from the top rope and score another near fall on a double stomp and running double knee.
Almas fought through his own misfortune to keep his storyline title hopes alive by kicking out of McIntyre’s Future Shock DDT to set up an insane finish. After Almas distracted the referee outside by reaching for the title, Vega snuck in to hit McIntyre with a spiked hurricanrana. Almas’ hammerlock DDT which followed could only get two. He was then flipped head over heels on a last ditch clothesline from McIntyre and needed Vega to place his leg on the ropes to save the pin. But Almas ended matters with a spiked DDT from the apron that appeared to leave McIntyre legitimately hurt. In the end, the two superstars produced one of the finest men’s NXT championship bouts in years. Grade: A-

WarGames — The Undisputed Era def. SAnitY, The Authors of Pain & Roderick Strong via pinfall: The modern iteration of WarGames provided plenty of promised chaos thanks to dangerous high spots and multiple hard-way cuts. It also featured a modern-day twist with the absent roof, new rules and shark cages outside (making the match feel more Elimination Chamber than WCW classic). In the end, was it a cluster? You bet. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun to watch. After a slow start, the action heated up considerably once all nine superstars entered the cage, signaling the start of “The Match Beyond” portion of WarGames. SAnitY’s Killian Dain, the last entrant and arguably the match’s MVP, spiced things up by bringing weapons and tables with him. He then uncorked a personal tour de force of big spots, including a crossbody off the top rope onto his six opponents and a Van Terminator across the ring onto Kyle O’Reilly. In between, Dain hit a Michinoku Driver on Cole, crashing onto O’Reilly below. He later hit a fallaway slam, Samoan Drop combination with two opponents on his arms, forcing the first “this is awesome” chant from the crowd.
Alexander Wolfe was badly cut open when he hit a super German suplex from the top rope on Akam, crashing into two tables below. But the spot of the match went to Adam Cole, who spent the second half looking to escape and hide on top of the cage. Roderick Strong eventually ran up to intercept him and hit a superplex onto everyone else down below. The finish came soon after as Cole hit a Shining Wizard on Young, who tried to block the move with a chair only for it to be slammed into his head, setting up the 1-2-3. After the match, The Undisputed Era stood tall while selling the injuries they incurred.
Comparing the new War Games to the classics of 30 years ago is difficult to do because of the rule changes and how much the in-ring action has evolved. But for what this match lacked compared to the old days in terms of juicy storylines, it made up for with big moments and overall was a success. Grade: B

Overall this was one of the best NXT Takeover in a long time Congrats to Triple H for bringing in the future wwe Superstars.


Why Boo 2 A Madea Halloween is a okay Halloween Movie!!

Boo 2! A Madea Halloween” is the latest Tyler Perry Studios production about the lovable, opinionated granny who always has something to dish out on her many opinions about life. In this installment, Perry’s daughter and her friends want to sneak off to a Halloween party at Lake Derek with a bunch of frat boys and they would technically be trespassing. When Madea catches wind of the plan, she springs into action to stop them. However, there are some strange occurrences at the lake that no one is prepared for. This film is what you would expect of a Madea film. There are some laughs, but they don’t pay out often enough to make the trope worthwhile. The plot and characters are kind of dumb and by the end the film really doesn’t get anywhere. It has limited laughs and entertainment value but ultimately this can wait for one Good Red Box watch then never be viewed again


There are so many media platforms that share news in different ways. Newsy.com is one of many news websites that shares the current top stories. There are short video clip that last roughly one to two minutes for each story. Below the videos are the transcripts with links that take you to the resources that support each story. Personally, I think that having such short videos benefits the site because most people seem to prefer obtaining information in ways that require short attention spans. I have never heard of Newsy before now, but I highly recommend it to people who are pressed on time but still want to be up to date on what is going on in the news. There are six major categories for the different stories on Newsy: U.S News, Politics, World, Science/Health, Tech, Entertainment, Sports and Business. They could do a better job at separating and organizing the categories. Although, the categories as they are efficiently allow users to learn about the stories that they would be most interested in. Entertainment and tech stories interest me most because I aspire to work in the entertainment industry.The 3 stories that I’m going to do is Baltimore Officer Cleared Of Internal Charges In Freddie Gray’s Death, Some Theaters May Not Show ‘The Last Jedi’ Due To Disney’s Demands, and ‘Lion King’: The Reimagining Of Pride Rock Goes Beyond Beyoncé.